PANEL: Empowering Employees with Learning & Development Initiatives
Thursday, March 11, 2021, 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Summer Davies Kara Dogali DeRetta Rhodes, PhD Brad Fisher

The rapid shift to remote work in 2020 in response to the pandemic delivered a surge in online learning and a transformational move from face-to face to virtual leadership. Many companies turned to mobile learning to support dispersed employees, providing upskilling and reskilling in the soft and hard skills that are essential for success. New job roles and skills are needed for the new world of work, but employers must not overlook the important role learning plays in employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your teams and organization through learning and development. Our panel of experts will discuss how to help professionals realize their full potential with essential skills and information to prepare for technology transitions, and answer important questions, such as:

• How do you instill a learning culture to keep up with constant workplace transformations and existing skills gaps?
• How can you keep learners engaged in a virtual world? • What should you do to ensure technology adoption is included in workplace transformation initiatives?
• How do you educate your team on soft skills like empathy and emotional intelligence, which are vital to supporting and communicating with remote employees, especially in times of crisis?
• How do you adopt innovation to support a learning culture?
• What types of training should be used to introduce technologies such as automation, and how can you encourage employees to adopt these technologies?
• What kinds of support will increase employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing?
• What does leadership need to support learning virtually?

Transforming Workplace Learning