PANEL: Beyond & Within the Four Walls - Rethinking How Facilities & Technology Work with People
Thursday, March 11, 2021, 11:40 AM - 12:10 PM
Paige Francis James Kane Jayne Lerman Jeff Martin

A truly “post-Covid” era has not yet arrived.  Enterprises need to consider how to increase connectivity and enhance the overall office experience, providing value beyond being a space to sit at a desk and work. When your employees want to work from home AND the office in varying ways, how can you provide a seamless integration between the physical and virtual environments in order to increase productivity? Our industry experts will discuss how you can make physical and virtual workplace smarter and more efficient by answering questions such as -

  • How should facilities and IT work to ensure that employees can work safely and securely regardless of where they are?
  • How do you support employees in this world of no-touch?
  • What are examples of what other enterprises doing?
  • The trend to incorporate XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) into the performance management regime is becoming important.  How can XLAs measure the customer experience & what is the investment required for tooling?
  • How should you leverage the latest technologies to improve your workplace support operations?
  • How should Workplace Service Teams manage their service interactions with employees?
  • What technology options are available to allow employees to book and reserve any physical workspace or provide alerts for guest arrivals?
  • What space utilization tools and dashboards are available to optimize floor space and meeting room usage?
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