ISG INSIGHTS: Smart Offices – Can People Return to YOUR Workplace?
Thursday, March 11, 2021, 11:25 AM - 11:40 AM
Iain Fisher

The future of work has changed forever.  After initially mobilizing the workforce to work at home in response to the pandemic, it is clear that a return to the workplace is in high demand for 2021.  Working from home has created unanticipated consequences for the human workplace which has driven employees to need or want to return to the office – at least for some of the time.  COVID-19 standards provide that employees are able to work safely in a secure environment where solutions such as body temperature screening, mask compliance monitoring, enhanced cleaning and sanitation, and occupancy analytics are implemented.  Flexible and adaptable workspace must meet the needs of employees who need to collaborate or innovate within your physical workplace and former nice-to-haves, such as touch-free entry, occupancy sensors, and location sensors, are now necessary to maintain safety and social distancing. Are your facilities prepared with the right IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities? What data do you need to monitor on a regular basis to ensure your employees have safety, comfort, productivity, and peace-of-mind?

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