INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION: Creating Community in Virtual Formats
Thursday, March 11, 2021, 2:35 PM - 3:05 PM
Stacey Johnson

After sitting on zoom meeting after zoom meeting, it can be difficult to delight and wow your learners. The virtual world can be isolating and disengaging. We also know that during times of disruption, finding community and connection can make all the difference. The power in creating community and connection virtually lies within the small and important details of how we gather. How we invite others to join programs, how we encourage participation and how we structure learning experiences can have a dramatic impact on program outcomes. And as we learned in 2020, you can’t just take an in-person program and run it virtually. Join us on this inspiring journey as Stacey Johnson, Head of Kraft Heinz's Leadership & Culture Academy, shares how Kraft Heinz has designed programs to build community in a virtual-only reality. In addition, you’ll also hear how the Company’s purpose and values influenced design choices that built strong networks and created more impactful learning experiences. During this session, Stacey will share reflections on: • Leveraging the Company’s Purpose, Values & Leadership Principles to create and design learning programs for impact • Designing discovery-based program activities that encourage virtual relationship building • Enlisting stakeholders and partners to reinforce opportunities to build community and connection

Industry Spotlight Presentation
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